We begin the year with Bondee...

We all make many fwens

but it didn't take long before Bondee is Gondee...

McDonald's Genshin tookover while we are revamping our server Icon/Banner

We had many great laughs

Our VC game is super stronks

peaking at over 33 pax++ collectively

We also chiong Maple and other Games...

We Created our Logo together with our unique QR Code


Seh Icons Takeover

We tried our best... helps

Star Rail Hypes is Real <3 and they tookover World Chat... for abit

Our Podcast blew up for abit, Rye of Collab was Epic

Click to Listen ->

Some of our Artists start doodling together every Monday... for awhile

Mixue became our server pop-culture mascot

& Now it's end of the year, we are giving away 12 prizes to thank you all for the amazing journey for 2023!

Come join us and be gift many <3ย