In our server we have several gaming groups and communities. From party, coop and also team games, we also have table tops as well! We do have different game hosts for different genre, feel free to check out the title or reach out if you want to hangout!

Countless PC/Mac Games

We play a huge variety of games, feel free to come check us out! We also have an announcer installed in our server!

Genshin Impact

Most of the members of our community plays Genshin Impact! We also have some passionate consultants on board who'll be there to help if you need any advise! Look for Sugoi & AJ <3

Dead by Daylight

A special shoutout to our DBD regulars Piu, Jen, Wizord, Waffles & Bunmuffins who helps host DBD sessions here.

Table Top Games

Hosted by D.Gatsby, we do have a group of table top enthusiast ready to play or hangout.

Party Games

We host a variety of party games to get people together! Feel free to join us either via remote play or through a web link! No purchase required!