Server Milestone

  • closed knited server with lots of interest groups

  • a record high of 50 pax on VC

  • did a total give away of close to $1000 value

Streaming Milestone

  • encouraging and creating a new community of streamers

  • inspired close to 20 pax to started/continue streaming

  • bringing our wholesome & fun culture to twitch

  • using twitch to cross create content for podcasts

  • experimented and did daily stream for 90 days

Podcast Milestone

  • recorded more than 100 episodes of podcast & counting

  • consistently posting for a year soon

  • doing collabs with twitch streamers and individuals

Tazebuds - Review Milestone

  • reached a 6 figure readership in content

  • encouraging writers to create more contents

  • consistent content schedule

Consistent Contents

  • regular readership, and contents

  • created some of the top searched articles on google, "Saigon Aquarium Street", "Totoro Bus stop", and afew others