"So why are we call Meliora?"

"Well, well..., it started from a long long time ago"

"Tell me! Quick!"

Heaving myself up from the chair, I begin to rummage through the giant oak table that was once the council's desk. I kept it for memory, as I ran my fingers across the scratches of the blades that struck whenever we had a disagreement. There, I found an ordinary-looking brown leather bounded book and whispered an ancient spell, before the book came to life again. There I begin to read the tales of Meliora

We're weren't called Meliora at first. We were nothing but just a number alongside of an experiment. They call it the blade and soul experiment, where we were divided and made to fight as 2 opposing factions. Red team vs Blue team, and we're the Red Team. We begin from a world of nothing, like a sandbox, and we started building things along the way. Shelter, food, then people came along. He was the Sage and I'm the Warlock, he could fight and I could conjure things. And together we form the clan of the Serpents.

More people surfaces, even though we didn't fight together, most of us just went on our dailies. Then I decided to forge alliances, I figured having more people together could be an important resource that we could work with. I took the idea up to my buddy, who thinks it is impossible.

"Why share what we have? When we are the most powerful amongst here" He said.

"But.. there is something more than power... it might sound cringy, but people... with the right people, we can even achieve things that power alone can't achieve"

Because of the difference in vision, I was eventually cast aside in the clan, but meanwhile, we manage to get people from different groups to come together. We manage to build a community, a council, which the Serpents tried to overtook, but only for the allegiance to fall when the contract of the alliance is voided.

We have never broken a contract before, so it was a tough time. People keeping to themselves, secrets are no longer shared but traded. Currency took over, trust is an old man's tale now. We tried to defend ourselves from the Orders, who wanted to take over our city. Betrayal bathed our cities with blood until we are left with nothing but the ruins.

It was the time when the Sage and the Serpents left, for powers. We found ourselves some gems, amongst the second generation of people who came. The Tatsu warrior defended our city with pride. Even though vices like casinos and gambling took over the streets, Tatsu brings light back into the city again, lighting up all the alleyways, keeping each and every one of us safe. We'd huddle by the fireplace together at night, trading lores and tales, going on quests and dungeons, doing what we can to keep ourselves alive.

The big bang known as the Genshin Impact happened when the distant planets collided, knocking us out of orbit, swirling into space. But every cloud has its silver lining, and within the dark clouds, the magic of Seven Archon sprinkled across our cities, healing our souls, rejuvenating the rivers. We started to create a better civilization, and we eventually formed the panels, an old jury system that we used to weigh the consequences of our actions and to keep peace.

During the big bang, we went into a lot of restructuring, cleansing out the town, scrubbing the ruin clean. We go into Limbo for abit, growing underground bunkers, getting our foundations ready before we can take over the world again. During our 4th wave, we found the arrival of the Virtuosos; Artists that came, with their perfectly hone skills, that added colours to the walls of our cities. They are the ones who graced the place with music, another art that have been lost across time.

We, however, had an unspoken 5th wave who came; Cult XIII. They were scheming, sly and manipulative. It was a tough time as the panels discussed for hours about what we should do. The ringleader was an innocent-looking but manipulative lady that tries to sow not just discord, but also tried to take over the place. It was the first time that our server has taken such a dramatic turn after the departure of the serpents. Together with several individuals that were up to no good, the unspoken 5th wave was an arc that none of us would like to revisit.

The 6th wave of people came, that are people of people. Friends of our family, family of our family. Those are the ones who kept us strong. But I know it isn't enough, for this is bigger than all of us, and it will be. We needed more. It was not just something that a group of us could do. The world out there is so vast, and people are everywhere, either being drifters or lurkers.

We needed a name, an identity, a movement. We can't stay underground anymore. I stumbled upon the lost spellbooks of the ancestors of the Warlocks, written by the guardian Poh, titled Age of Magic. The words of the dying magic that nobody have spoken anymore, but sometimes it is in the darkness that we could find hope in the faintest of light.

"Meliora", I whispered as I am running my fingers across the spellbook of the dying language. "Meliora...", I uttered again, this time more confidently and I could feel the spell activates. I could felt the glow of the lights flipping beneath the pages of the ancient book, and I was excited. The light flew, cutting a hold across of the ceiling of the ruin temples, reaching out to the skies. Meliora then became a call of arms. To fight, to improve, to be better versions of ourselves.

"What does Meliora mean?"

"Meliora means better. And we can be better.", I smiled, ruffling my hand across your hair.


The call of arms was bigger than we thought. This growing city is bigger than just us. Warriors from all over the abyss heeded our calls. Pirates arrived, after sailing across the 7 seas, bringing about the loots. Vikings came with their spoils of war, assassins came to clean up the city, making here safe again. And the Paladins guarded our shrine, where we used the last of our magic to reforge the ruins of our cities. The Nephilim giants helped too, with most of the heavy lifting that normal mortals couldn't have been done.

"What about the Darkens?"

"It's still something, that haunts us... but that'll be another story, another time. The Darkens will always try to take over the Universe, but it is keeping it together, that helps us stay sane in times like this"

Alongside with 2 other warlocks, Light & Jan, we begin to bound our magic across Meliora, to stay as guardians, to make sure everyone is safe, well and that we grow. The clairvoyants acted as our eyes, keeping out for any potential threats, helping out to manage our growing city.

Soon after, the name of Meliora spread across the Universe. The summoners who defended the rift came, the gunslingers from gathered, survivors of the Realms barely made it, but they're here with us now. And they are many more people on their way here, soon. I don't know what comes after, but I'd like to keep growing and see where we get to.

"And I met a fairy"

"A fairy?!"

"Well, I didn't know she is one, she's one of the people who stuck through Meliora. You could see her name on the hall of fame, she's one of the invisible helper that always go unseen. But you could always feel her magic somewhere"

"There's just so many things here"

"In Meliora, we can be anyone we can be, this place is much more than just a city. The power of being better always lies in those who could choose so, and we'd always wanted people better... to choose to be. Perhaps you're a lost soul, perhaps you are still figuring things out, but we'll always be here with you while you do"

"So I can be anything that I ever dream of?"

"Yup... So tell me, what are you?"